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My Story

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My name is Will Lambley.  There was nothing more that I enjoyed growing up than being around my friends and playing sports.  This all changed during my sophomore year of high school when I started losing my sight.  My family and I began a six month odyssey in an attempt to find the cause.  Although this was a difficult time for me, I learned that my hope doesn't come from my situation rather it comes from who God has created me to be.  As I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable condition in May of 2019, my life drastically changed.  However, I continued to play high school football and began public speaking.  In this journey, I have discovered new methods to help me function in school and life. I now attend the University of Arkansas, and although life can be difficult at times, losing my sight has shown me that hard time don't last but the lessons learned when we do not give up do.  

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